Perfectly Ours. Forever.




I witnessed the greatest miracle of my life on June 4th, 2017. One day after my last post in which I thought we would become parents four days later. Once again, God had other plans.

June 3rd was what we call a ‘Top Ten Day.’ It was perfect. After I wrote my post, Amy and I went and got pedicures, and enjoyed some, much needed, quiet girl time. It was nice to get away and just be friends. We shared lots of laughs, and I still laugh when I think of how cute/silly she is when someone comments on her pregnant belly. She would always just point to me, as if not to take the credit for that sweet baby she’s growing. We would laugh, later, wondering what others thought with her gesture. It’s not everyday that someone carries someone’s baby.

Dave and I then went to Robby and Amy’s house. We surprised them by showing up in Packers gear, and we got some good smiles out of that. The kids were excited to have us out, again, and we just hung out all day. We absolutely love their house, where they have so much beautiful land and amazing views. The kids got tons of attention from us all day and night, which we all loved. Amy and I had heard so many wives tales on inducing labor, so she ate pineapple, got a pedicure, and she ordered a huge storm for that evening. The storm actually did arrive, and it was out of nowhere. Crazy high winds and rain. In manly fashion, Robby and Dave were outside trying to watch the storm, while we girls and kids, were inside trying to watch the news. It seriously got pitch black out, and was very scary. After the storm blew by, Dave and I headed home to our hotel in Green Bay. Hugging Amy goodbye, I told her I needed one more night of sleep, in which she remarked, “I won’t call you tonight.” And, we went on our way. I had text a girlfriend and stated, “Just left a Top Ten Day with their family. My heard is so full. We are so lucky!… Honestly no words could describe how we feel right now!”


We arrived to the hotel absolutely exhausted, and excited for another wonderful night’s rest. After taking night time sleep meds, Dave and I crashed.

One hour later, she called. It barely rang before I answered. Amy, as calmly as I’ve heard her, said, “My water just broke.” It was 11:51, and we started to figure out our plan. Dave, literally, jumped out of bed and threw all of the hotel lights back on. Amy needed to reach someone to watch the kids, and we needed to drive from Green Bay to Appleton. We had all of our stuff we needed to pack up, as we had settled in to our little home. Dave and I have never moved so fast in our lives. The guy at the front desk of the hotel looked at us, oddly, as we had just arrived for our night, and now we were rushing out with all of our luggage and purchasing caffeine. I told him we were having a baby, and he looked at me like I was crazy.

We made it to the hospital first. I went into the ER asking where to go when you’re in labor, and, once again, got the crazy looks. A few minutes later came Amy and Robby, and we all got checked in quickly. We had figured this would be a very quick labor, as her last baby came very quickly after having her water break. Dave and I were just so excited that the time was finally here… we would meet our sweet son.

Little did we know, it would take a bit longer than we all thought. Our rockstar Amy didn’t have an epidural, and baby boy was stuck, sunny side up. Amy did such an outstanding job, and she was such a trooper. But, I will tell you, it is not ‘fun’ to watch someone endure labor for you. My tears started pretty quickly after we got checked into our room. Watching her contractions was awful. It was a guilt that I cannot ever explain, and unless someone else has carried your child, I imagine you won’t understand. Tears just streamed down my face. Non stop. My heart hurt. My stomach hurt. Everything in me hurt. I was reminded that I couldn’t carry a child. My body had failed me. And, because of that, my sweet friend was in pain; she was in lots of pain. I kept looking up at Dave, and he had the same look of despair on his face. Those moments were hard and so very painful. What I wouldn’t give to trade places with Amy, lying in that bed, her cheering me on. I wanted to take all of her hurt away, and begged God to speed up this process.

Robby coached Amy, and was an absolute saint! They make the greatest team ever. They are basically pros, as they have already been through this twice before. But this labor was different, and none of us knew why baby wasn’t coming out. I stood right by Amy’s head, and Dave right behind me, while Robby was right next to her, helping her every move. We had all made bets on the time he would arrive. Robby- 3:30am, Ashley 4:32 and Dave 3:14. The next five hours were brutal. Amy’s OB, who we love, got there about 5:00. We thought he would be here any minute, but poor Amy had to go through so much more. Shift change for the nurses was 6:00, but these sweet nurses were so vested in our story, they decided to stay. We had a wonderful team of staff. They were absolutely amazing! And so many of us cheering Amy on. I will admit, I was pretty quiet, as I was crying too hard to speak. I was barely able to cheer, I just stood right by her side, tears beaming down my face. I worried for Amy’s safety, and worried about the safety of my baby as well. Amy continued to push.

Brigham Leo Klein was finally born at 6:53am.




He was beautiful. He had TONS of black hair, which I, too, had as a baby. The sobs began. I don’t think there was a dry eye in that room. The four of us all cried, and Dave and I cried like never before. The doctor put a blanket on Amy’s stomach, so that I would receive the first skin to skin. We did delayed cord clamping, and Daddy Dave got to cut the cord.

And, then, that moment was here. I got to hold my baby. I was wearing a gown, and the doctor walked right over to me, holding my son, and laid him right on my chest. And, I’m telling you, he snuggled right in, just as I had carried him, and we had never been apart. He knew I was his mommy. He was so warm, and it just felt so right having him on my chest. I couldn’t see him, but could finally feel him.



Someone in this world needed us, and fully depended on us. Eventually, I got a look at his sweet face, and he was the perfect mix of us. For some reason, I had always pictured a mini Dave, so I was shocked to see he looked almost identical to my baby pictures. No matter what, he was ours. And he was perfectly ours. Forever.





Shortly after them placing him on my chest, Dave said, “Thank you Amy. And thank you Robby” I barely got it out, “YES! Amy, thank you. Thank you Robby.” And the boys went in for a big hug, which was one of my favorite parts of the morning. Lucky we have the entire birth on video, so we get to relive this moment. But, thank you just didn’t even seem like the right word. And, here I am, two months out, trying to find the right words. There are NO words that will ever be enough. No words in this lifetime, but perhaps Heaven will have those words.

I will never forget what was repeating in my head. I saw God today. I saw God today. I saw God today. I saw God today. Over and over and over. I witnessed the first breath of my child. And, I witnessed the most unselfish act a human can do. She birthed my child. For us. She made us parents. She fulfilled our dreams. She changed our lives. She changed our friends and family’s lives. She changed strangers lives. This, sweet soul, she changed the world. She impacted our lives in the greatest way possible. She showed us a new love. She is THE greatest human we know, and we can never repay her for the sacrifice she made. She made us happier than we have ever been. She brought life into our family. And, so did Robby. This team changed our lives. We are forever grateful and love you both!

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!! You are the greatest person we know, and we are forever changed because of you. Our sweet angel, our hero. And, until we can find the right words to say…..THANK YOU for helping bring our miracle to life. Thank you.

Love, Dave and Ashley

While We Wait.

Four days until I become a mom. And, I cannot believe I just typed that. Four days. Four short days. My, how the time has flown. And, really, he could come any minute and surprise us. But, knowing the Klein’s schedule, he will probably not really feel like being too early. That, and, Amy has been feeding him nachos, so we think he will probably choose to stay as long as he possibly can. We are happy to report that he already likes Mexican food, so will be a great addition to our family.

We were so torn on when we should possibly head up to Wisconsin. Although we love being home, and we are savoring our last moments at home, the idea of an 8.5 hour drive while your surrogate is in labor, was pretty unbearable to imagine. Every night, the past month, I crawl into bed and envision her calling us at midnight, and us rushing to get there over night. It was not a great thought for anyone, so we decided to come early to await his arrival. We stayed in Madison for a few nights, so we could break up the trip. We thought it would seem like a vacation, but really, our minds are ONLY on this birth, so we have a hard time relaxing and having fun.

We got to Green Bay Wednesday in time for her last appointment. Everything was perfect, and we got to listen to his heart beat so beautifully for about twenty minutes. We also got to ask her doctor any questions we would have about the birth. I’m terrified, as I have never witnessed birth, and wasn’t able to take a birthing class, so I have lots of questions. We have decided that I will do skin to skin with baby, right when he comes out, and Dave will cut the cord. Fair trade, right? I cannot wait to put that sweet boy, of ours, on my chest, and feel him for the first time. A long awaited dream, finally becoming a reality. Four more days.

The last few days have flown, and we have gotten to spend tons of time with Amy and her family. It’s been so good for our souls. It feels so great to be so close to our baby, and they feel like family to us, so it works out great. The other day, the baby put a fist or elbow up to my hand and was moving it back and forth. It’s crazy to think, that the only thing separating us is skin and fluid… and that’s my baby. We have had so much fun together, and the fun with continue through the weekend, while we spend more time with her family. I have definitely loved each time the kids slip and call Dave, “Uncle Dave.” Because that is just what it feels like. They feel so much like family, and we know that is the way it will feel forever.

Many of you have asked our plans after birth. Some people have said, “So, you just take the baby and it’s over?” Absolutely NOT. No. This family has become our family, and there is no way that the birth will end this friendship. It will just be another milestone that the four of us get to experience together. They will both witness the birth of our first child; the moment that we officially become Mom and Dad. This moment will connect us even more. This will be such an intimate experience, and we are so thrilled that they can share it with us. I can promise you, it will be a memory we all take with us for the rest of our lives. What a beautiful moment. I have warned them, that I will probably sob more than I ever have, and they are (so they say haha) okay with that and prepared! We are all thinking that there may not be a dry eye in that delivery room that day. Oh, little Baby Klein, you are changing the world.

So, as I mentioned, I will do skin to skin with the baby, immediately after birth, and Dave will cut the cord. Then, we will get our own room (knock on wood that the hospital cooperates on this) and we will let Amy rest, while we stare intently at our sweet little miracle. Her children will come meet him as well, as we all feel like that is an important part of the process and great ‘closure’ for them to see and meet the baby, and see how happy we are with him. They have recently been asking more questions on it all, and I love that. Kids are so much more accepting to things than adults, and this is one situation that proves it. Such sweet souls.

We will be leaving for home straight from the hospital, which will be the most interesting drive home ever. I am sure it will take so much time for us to get there, while stopping to feed/change etc. But, we can’t wait. I have often envisioned that moment that we get in the car, and head home to start our little family. Gives me chills just thinking about it. While we go home with a baby, Amy goes home to her sweet family, but I can’t help but think of how hard it could be for her as well. We will still be talking daily, and still be just as close, but her body has been preparing for this baby, and hormones will continue. So, please, keep her in your prayers and we all move forward. Again, we know we will see them soon, and they will be our friends/family for life, but that doesn’t mean it will all feel normal. We will all have adjustments to make. We have experienced the greatest journey we have been a part of, and the feeling of the finality of it, is something I can’t even explain. While I am beyond thrilled to meet little mister, it will be so different getting off this sweet ride, and boarding the next train. We will never forget the highs of this amazing ride. After all, this ride took our broken pieces and mended them back together. And we have never felt so whole. Thankful for the terrible rollercoaster that we rode for four years, because, truly, it taught us about heartache and the strength that comes along with that. We are beyond grateful for the smooth ride we have been on this past year. We couldn’t have done this without the love of Amy and Robb. They were just who we needed. We couldn’t pick a better couple to help us, and there is no other woman out there that I would want carrying my baby. She is our sweet angel.

Dave had said to me, the other night at dinner, “Can you imagine if someone had told you years ago, that Amy would carry your baby one day?” I thought about that one for a minute. I remember praying so many times the past four years, for God to just let me know I would be okay, yet I knew he couldn’t. We don’t always know where our paths will take us, but we have to hold tight in faith. I would have laughed and thought it was the craziest thought ever, had someone suggested I wouldn’t ever be pregnant, and that a stranger would carry my baby. No way. No freaking way. I would have been crushed to learn, at a younger age, that this would be my story. But now, after fighting so hard to get here, I absolutely love my story. I feel like we are adding something beautiful to the world. We are inspiring others, through our strength, kindness (Amy,) generosity, love, faith and commitment. That was my goal all along; to make a difference. This is my favorite story I have ever heard, and I know it will make an impact for generations to come.