The Queen of Thin Lining

This post will be super boring for friends and family, so may want to skip this post. I am writing this in hopes to help out my fellow thin lining girls.

I am the opposite of impulsive. I think (way too much) about the decisions I make. And, those who know me best know that decision making is one of my worst skills. It takes me for freaking ever to come to any decision. One of my favorite things to do is to research anything and everything. Before purchasing, I will research the heck of things… hotels, flights, resorts, shoes, sheets, cars, shampoo, etc. The list literally would be miles long if I told you everything I researched. It drives a lot of people crazy, but I just think I’m really smart. HA!

So, it is no wonder that during my years of infertility, I have studied a ton. I hate to have this title, but I would consider myself a “Thin Lining Queen.” UGH. I used to scour the internet for hours upon hours. I would come home from work and try to find ways to cure my thin lining. I swear to you, I have tried everything. While I truly had no success, I thought I would write a blog post about what I have tried, in hopes that maybe it will help you!

I had thin lining while first trying for a baby, but I was also on Clomid, which you know thins your lining. After my miscarriage, I was able to do one IUI on Gonal F 75 iu, and my lining climbed up to 7.7. WOWZA! I can only imagine what it would have grown to, had I gotten the chance to increase my medications. This was the IUI where they decided to take a closer look into my uterus, they found “something” and ended up removing the placenta that had deeply attached to my uterus. Big sigh. After that surgery, I got Asherman’s Syndrome (scar tissue in the uterus.) My days of 7.7 were done.

Over the next year, I tried anything and everything to increase my endometrial lining, with no success.

*******I remember while I was searching, every time I found a blog online, and realized the girl had to pursue surrogacy, I would just want to curl up in a ball. If you are reading this post, and so far away from surrogacy, that is okay. I think you should keep trying. There are many, many, many women that get their lining to increase, and many that get pregnant on thin lining. So, do everything that you can. That is okay. Don’t give up. I will tell you, with complete honesty, that I am very excited that I get a chance to work with a surrogate. It took me years to come to terms with this, but I am here, and I am beyond happy. Don’t let this blog scare you

Here is the list I have compiled of different treatments I attempted for my lining:

CCRM (Colorado for Reproductive Medicine Trials)
Gonal F- (anywhere from 75 iu-450 iu)
Estrace (up to 2mg 4 times a day)
Viagra (yep! gross!!!!) 4 times per day
Trental (Pentoxifylline) twice a day
Vivelle Patches, went up to 4 every other day
Del Estrogen- 2 injections weekly
Baby Aspirin (this is a small aspirin) one per day
And, wait for it…. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy. – This was crazy, and a research trial for CCRM, but it truly worked for some girls that I met. I would lay in the chamber (was nervous as it felt like a coffin, but it seriously wasn’t bad!) for 1.5 hours per day for 11 days. This has helped many athletes recovery from surgeries more quickly and works wonders… just not for me 🙂 Maybe I’m not athletic enough.

Natural Remedies:
Red Raspberry Leaf Tea- Twice Daily, do not drink after ovulation!!!
Pomegranate Juice, 8 oz twice daily
Vitamin B
Vitamin E- up to 1000 iu per day

Femoral Massage
Fertility Yoga
Keeping feet warm, legs up
Castor Oil Packs on Stomach

The thickest my lining ever got during these treatments was 5.7, and it was usually around 5. During my last IVF cycle, my lining did get to 6.4 during stims, but once we had it monitored after my retrieval it had dropped to 3. The RE was shocked, but it may be something worth looking in to if you, too, are struggling with thin lining. If you have any questions please email me at

I hope one of these remedies work for you. They have worked for many women. GOOD LUCK to you 🙂 Oh, and here are some pics of my HBO (Hyperbaric Oxygen)

Another September.

It’s crazy to me how fast this year has flown. September marks four year since we have been trying for our baby. I recently found the email that I sent my sister in September of 2012 saying that we were officially ready! Little did my sweet, innocent, unguarded heart, know the pain I would endure and the rollercoaster we would ride. Little did we know.

It honestly amazes me that it’s come to this. Well, maybe amazes isn’t even the right word. “Angers” maybe…or, “Frustrates.” I don’t even know the right word, but I wouldn’t wish this on my enemy. I know infertility is so common, and I wish I could take it away from anyone who is “infertile.” Definitely hate that word)

I try to remind myself daily how blessed we are and that God has to be using us for something. Our story has to mean something other than just plain heartache. I will say, I have changed drastically as a person since September 2012. I have been stripped to the core, punched to the ground and have cried thousands of tears. But, I have also stood up every damn time I was knocked down. Every time. 100%. How is that for a success rate? When I think of my success it feels more like zero, but then I remind myself of how far we have come.

I received a letter (yes, a real live hand written letter!!!) in the mail a few weeks ago. It came from an old neighbor of mine from my childhood. It has to have been 30 years since they lived across the street from us. Here’s the beginning of it.
“Dear Ashley,
I just found and read your amazing blog. Oh my goodness! I cannot believe how many struggles you have been through. But I am so inspired by you!! What a strong, young woman you are, with such deep faith. God is definitely up to something in your life! He knows he can use you for a very important purpose. I share your strong hope, that on this journey, you and Dave will be blessed with a baby.”

The letter went on and on. I could barely get through it and was so choked up. Tears streamed down my face. Someone who has only seen me once in the past 25-30 years took time to think of me, pray for me, and write me a letter. Wow!!! So heartwarming. And the word inspire… That has been my goal. I wanted to inspire someone, anyone. And so many of you, whether you know me personally or emailed me online, have used that same word. Inspire. Do you know the impact it has on someone when you tell them that you are truly inspired from them? I do. My heart could explode. If someone inspires you, you should tell them. Do it. And make their day.

Although most days I wish God had not picked me for this story, I know deep in my heart that he did choose me, and it has to be for some reason. A reason that we don’t understand right now. I wrack my brain on sleepless nights trying to figure out why. He chose me. He knew I could survive. But not without Dave and our amazing, supportive friends and family. It seems like everyone holds us up. This journey has shown me how many people we have that love us and want this for us just as badly. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart. Although my heart is broken, it’s strong and beyond thankful.

And speaking of thankful, we are officially moving forward with our sweet carrier, Amy. We still have mock cycles and legal fun, but we are getting closer. She’s already a rockstar for graciously stepping up to the plate and wanting to join our game. She is a saint. I have had so much fun getting to know her, and we text quite a bit. It’s crazy because all of the fears I first had when considering surrogacy, have seriously faded after knowing her. I used to worry about all the normal worries…. what if she doesn’t treat our baby like I would treat our baby?! But, knowing what I already know, she will. She’s a wonderful mom, and she knows way more than I know about pregnancy. It’s fun because I know the fertility and shots part, and she knows the other half! I think we will make a wonderful team on this journey to Baby Klein! Here is a picture of the four of us! Excited to keep moving forward!