Embracing Today.

I was a little down this year on my birthday, for some reason. It seems like the holidays can be so hard…. another year old without Baby Klein. Dave made me feel better by saying that he has noticed a huge change in me this past year. I have become so much stronger. It makes me so happy that it is apparent to him, and other friends have said this as well. Once we decided to move towards the GC route, some of my worries changed into strength. Dave reminded me, that although we don’t know where our journey will end, we do know that we can make it. When this all started, we were terrified, but now we do know we will get there. Of course, I have my days where I’m scared to death that I will never be a mom, but then reality sinks in, and I KNOW we will be parents. One way, or another. We will get there. We are open to so many different avenues, and we will make it.

We have been traveling a ton the past couple of months and doing the things that we wouldn’t be able to do (on a whim) with children. We have been so happy lately, and seeming to really embrace our place in this current life. Even though we so badly want a baby, we LOVE our “right now.”

I have met some women lately (yes, I’m a crazy girl that meets friends online!!!) So many stories out there. So many brave women. It’s just unreal how many couples have to suffer through the heartache of fertility. It helps so much to have these women in my life!

Our current goal and hope is to have a baby sometime in 2017. I still love my blog, and love to share, but Dave and I are asking for privacy on the surrogacy end for now. I don’t want to put more pressure on Amy or us, by sharing each step of the way. There are so many steps to this long process. Just know…. we are moving forward, and we are content with the pace that we are moving forward. We can still use a million prayers, and we appreciate them more than you will ever know. The past few months have brought some amazing pieces to our puzzle, and also some very difficult pieces. We just need to figure out how they all fit together. We would love to have some sense of surprise when we finally do have good news to share. Thank you for respecting this decision 🙂 And, once again, thank you so much for your support!

Ashley and Dave.


One thought on “Embracing Today.

  1. Betsy

    hello ❤️🐞 Ladybug. I enjoyed reading your blog and wish you all the love and success you deserve. Your writing is beautiful. It’s a nice way to begin my day.
    The love and respect you and David have for each other has grown even stronger through this journey. You are an inspiration to many…friends in real life and friends like me…from the Internet…you have always had compassion and true happiness for others’ successes…even in your darkest hours…and that is a sign of a truly great person. I am stronger because of you. I respect your need for privacy just now.
    Remember as you go forward with Amy that I am praying every day that your dream comes true..
    XX Betsy


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