My Baby You’ll Be

To my unborn child,

One day you will see how hard we fought to get you. I have never, ever in my life fought so hard for something. I won’t give up on you, because I do know that you will be worth it. I can’t wait until the day that i see your sweet face and hold you in my arms. I will rock you each night, remembering my fight, and knowing you were more than worth every single tear.

I have cried so many nights longing for you. I have had days where I couldn’t get out of bed because all i wanted was you. I love you more than anything, and I have yet to even meet you. I promise to give you the best life possible, and I can guarantee you will feel loved. More than loved. I often wonder what you will look like and what will you be like.

I do not know how you will make it to me, and I definitely don’t know when. You may be carried by another woman, and, my sweet baby, that is okay. I will be here for you, patiently waiting, and will get to you as soon as possible. I can’t wait for your laughter to fill our home. You will be beautiful.

My second fertility surgery the nurse said to me, “Honey, if you want to be a mom, you will be.” That statement angered me. How did she know? I was scared at that point and that was almost two years ago. But that advice has stuck with me in the hurdles. I will be a mom. It may not be the way I pictured it my whole life, but I will be a mom, and I will love it. We are so ready to meet you now, but God has other plans. I will trust him knowing that one day he will bring you to us.

We love you so much already, and I can’t wait for you to know your daddy too. Oh, he really is amazing. He has fought so hard for you, and held my hand each day. He has given me shots, dried my tears, and stuck with the crazy me. The crazy me that just wants you so badly. He will be the best dad ever, and will love you more than life as well. We will keep waiting. We love you Baby Klein.

Love, Mommy


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