Next up… IVF Round 4


Tomorrow we will start our 4th round of IVF. Invitro Fertilization, is where you are pumped with hormone shots, while your eggs grow in your ovaries, and once they are mature, the doctor surgically removes them, fertilizes them, and the embryologist watches them grow in their lab. Once they grow to 5 day blastocysts, we do genetic testing (they take a small biopsy from the embryo) and await to see how many embryos have the perfect number of chromosomes. It’s a super fun process. 😉

You may be confused or, maybe even be excited, thinking I still have a chance to get pregnant. Nope, that’s not why we are doing IVF. We will be doing many more rounds of IVF this year (watch out if you are around me, consider this your warning,) and banking embryos for our surrogate. We do have one frozen now, but we would like more ready to transfer to her, so we don’t have a long wait once we are matched. It’s pretty interesting as I am now being treated as an egg donor at my clinic. They have to screen me and make sure I am meeting FDA requirements since my eggs will be going into another woman.

One of my favorite things to do (this will show you that I’m crazy) right before my IVF cycle is to organize all of my drugs! I did that this morning, and it gives me such a sense of accomplishment. Weird, I know, but you would just have to be there. I’ll post a picture of my set up!

Right now, so many of you are asking what you can pray for. Please pray for our sweet surrogate. She may only be at the beginning of this road, and wondering what she is truly getting herself in to. I am sure it’s something she has thought of for a while, and maybe just recently made the leap, applying to our agency. I can’t imagine the scary feeling she must feel, wondering if she is doing the right thing. What a sweet soul she must be. I think of her non stop and wonder what she will be like. It’s seems like a long wait, but I’m so anxious to know more, and cannot wait until the day our agency shows us a match. She could be the turn of our story. I pray for her as she considers carrying a child for someone she has never met. It gives me chills just thinking of it. Please help me and put her in your thoughts. I am sure she can use them, whoever she may be. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Next up… IVF Round 4

  1. Betsy

    Will be thinking about you as you begin tomorrow. I’ll add your surrogate to my prayers..
    (I already like her!) are already in them. 🐞


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