Moving Forward


I know several of you have been asking for updates, and I have been absolutely swamped with work and personal things, so just getting a chance to write this. We have some awesome updates for you all!

I didn’t speak much of our IVF cycle this past month, as it was an uphill battle. Good news is that we just found out that we did get one, PGS (genetically normal) embryo! Now we have two for our surrogate, and we will continue to make more for the future. We are so relieved and excited that we have a “little embryo that could.” It was miraculous that it made it through the hurdles, but we are so grateful, and happy, knowing that could be our baby! It’s a little human, and it’s gender is already known. How crazy is that?

We went to Madison, last week, and got to meet with the gals at our agency, The Surrogacy Center. WOW! They are absolutely amazing! Our day was long and a little intense, but they made it so much better with all of their energy. Mary, Lisa and Leanne are all just wonderful and extremely knowledgeable, and if you are looking for an agency, I highly recommend them (So far! 🙂 )

First, we met with the three of them, so they could get to know us better, in order to better match us with our gestational carrier. It was fun to hear successful stories of matches and surrogate stories! So fun! We went over our preferences etc…. which is really hard. Main thing is, we just want someone who is doing this for the right reasons, and I’m sure they are if they have made it through their process. We talked a little bit more about the plan of attack too. It’s quite a long process, but when you have already been at it for 3 1/2 years, another year doesn’t seem bad at all. In fact, the thought of having a baby in 2017 is so amazing! That is so soon! We also did a 4.5 hour psych evaluation. It was nice to be able to talk with the psychologist in more detail about the good, the bad, and the ugly. It also made me feel great knowing how well they screen their carriers. So, now we wait to be matched. We are praying this will happen soon, as we are so ready to move forward.

We also had a phone consultation yesterday with a dr in Chicago, where we will begin doing more IVF rounds. Yay for doctor #4! wowza! This will be easier for our gestational carrier, as she will be closer to this clinic. We are hoping to create more embryos there for future. We are so thankful that we finally have IVF insurance coverage, and don’t have to spend much (about $5k per cycle) for our rounds anymore! 🙂

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts the last few weeks. It was a big couple of weeks for us, and we appreciate all of you!

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